Possessive forms Possessive Determiners (my, your, his, her, etc.) have the same form as the Nominative form of the personal pronouns (I, you, he, she, etc.), except for Plurar 3rd person, of which form equals to the Singular 3rd person form (ő). The usage of Possessive Determiners isn’t necessary in Hungarian because the Possessive Affices clearly define […]

usual endings English Hungarian -tion -ció -ation -áció -tia -cia -ma -ma -us -usz -ius -iusz -um -um -ium -ium -ant -áns -ent -ens examples words in bold: these words of Latin origins are solely used (or in case of the primary meaning of the English version it’s solely used in Hungarian) words without bold: […]

Important to mention that while tickets are only valid for the vehicles of BKV (Budapest Transport Plc.), cards are valid for most of the vehicles of BKK (Budapest Transport Center). BKK is an umbrella organization of which aim is to control everything related to transport in Budapest. So for example if you want to travel […]

national holidays 20th August King Saint Stephen’s Day; the Day of the Foundation of the State. (between 1949 and 1989; Constitution Day) Celebrated by officer initiation ceremonies, politicians’ speeches, festival of folk arts and fire works at evening. 15th March The day of the Revolution of 1848, against the Austrian Empire. Also known as the Ides […]

large regions (NUTS1) the large region of Central Hungary equals to the region of Central Hungary and consits of Budapest capital city and Pest county the other two large regions consist of 3 regions (9 counties) regions (NUTS2) There are 7 regions: Central Hungary consists of Budapest capital city and Pest county all of the […]