practical hints about Budapest public transportation


metro lines, suburbian railway lines and major tram lines, click to see full size

Important to mention that while tickets are only valid for the vehicles of BKV (Budapest Transport Plc.), cards are valid for most of the vehicles of BKK (Budapest Transport Center). BKK is an umbrella organization of which aim is to control everything related to transport in Budapest. So for example if you want to travel to Gödöllő (which is a town near to Budapest and famous of a Habsburg castle), and you travel by either couch or train, then if you have BKK card, then you have to pay only the outside Budapest part of your travel, which is – in case of Gödöllő – exactly the half of the full price.

BKK vehicles (validity of BKK card)

  • BKV (buses, trams, trolleybuses, metros, suburban railways), valid
  • trains to agglomeration, valid for the inside Budapest part
  • coaches, valid for the inside Budapest part
  • BKK ships on Danube, valid on weekdays, not valid on weekends 750 Ft (2.5 Eur), 550 Ft (1.85 Eur) under 15 years
  • taxis, not valid, base fee: 450 Ft (1.5 Eur), underway: 280 Ft/km (0.95 Eur), while waiting: 70 Ft/minutes (0.25 Eur)
  • public bicycle (will start in 2013 spring), won’t be valid

On some bus lines in the suburbs boarding is allowed only in the front door after showing the ticket or card to the driver.

night buses

Night buses usually operate from 12 am to 4 am and the frequency is usually half an hour, while daytime buses and metros operate from 4:30 am to 11 (or 11:30) pm. Ships operate from 8 am until 8 pm and the frequency is 15 minutes. The only vehile that operates 24 hours is tram #6.


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